Soulmass Reveal Upcoming Debut Album Details

Soulmass have revealed the album title, cover art, and track-listing for their upcoming debut album, Despairing Fates! More news is soon to follow concerning the release date and plans for band merchandise. Stay tuned to their Facebook page!


Release Info:
Name: Despairing Fates
Type: Full-length

1. In Fate’s Thralldom
2. Vicissitudinous Entrance to the Painted World
3. Hollow
4. Chronicles of the Abysswalker
5. Keeper of Cowardice
6. Crushed by the Bramd
7. Scorpion Horror (Born of the Madness)
8. Throne of Want


Bryan Edwards – Vocals
Brett Windnagle – Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming


Brett Windnagle – Mixing/Mastering
Miles Neff – Vocal Engineering
Bo Bradshaw – Cover Art/Booklet Design

Lyrics and Music by Soulmass

Certified Bryan: My Selfish Rant on Suicide Awareness


Much has been in the news lately which disheartens me and brings me to make this a very personal Certified Bryan post. (You may also notice that this is Friday instead of the biweekly Thursday posts I had been keeping up with since coming back. From now on I will be trying to make these posts every other Friday. Thank you for your continued support!)

The world was shocked recently with news of the passing of beloved actor/comedian Robin Williams. Multiple generations grew up watching his brilliant wit on television and in movies, so it was no surprise to see a lot of drama in the news when it was revealed that he took his own life. Many had positive words of support for his family and in remembrance of his extensive legacy. Many also voiced negative opinions of suicide and preferred to let it tarnish their memories of Robin as a person. While we now know that he had been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, it is no secret that he struggled with depression and addiction throughout his life. I want to take this opportunity to promote awareness of how depression effects those who suffer its grip, as well as say my two cents to those who have expressed derogatory viewpoints on the topic of suicide in the wake of Robin Williams’ death.

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Certified Bryan: A Nuclear Blast of Reality


Note: I apologize in advance if this one turns into a rambling rant. I tend to do that when I have way too much to say about something.

Wintersun’s Jari Mäenpää has become infamous over the past decade thanks to critical acclaim for Wintersun’s debut album and the long wait on its follow-up, which lasted eight years. Jari has a reputation for talking highly of his own music and skills at songwriting, but also for making endless excuses for the excessive length of time between each release. Updates from Jari are typically infrequent, so when something new does get said it takes to the internet upon a blazing storm of hype. Wintersun command a legion of loyal fans with an impressive social reach. Last week, Jari posted a lengthy “reality update” on his Facebook page giving fans a piece of his mind concerning the current status of Wintersun’s third album, Time II, which was originally hoped for a 2013 release. In typical form, this update from Jari featured a list of reasons why Time II isn’t finished, but what caught the media’s attention and stirred drama were some scathing words from Jari pointed toward Wintersun’s own label, Nuclear Blast. I will link Jari’s original post here again in case you would like to read it before going forward.

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Steamforged – Release – The Endless (Full-length)

The EndlessRelease Info:
Name: The Endless
Type: Full-length
Date: 07/31/14

1. Whispers of Myth – Godlike Epiphany
2. The Endless – Infinity, Perpetuity
3. Mu – Three Lives Myriad
4. Atlantis – Trenchbound Majesty
5. Agartha – Worldheart
6. Freya’s Anguish
7. Valhalla – Crimson Drops of Gold
8. Rumination of the King
9. Avalon – Starless
10. Columna Cerului – Journey Divine
11. Of Gods
12. Empyrean Heaven – Celestial Downfall
13. Antechamber – Solar Providence
14. Stasis – Deity Cocoon
15. Transform – Cosmic Apotheosis
16. Grand Creation – Nova Regnus
17. Apolytos – The Grand Palace
18. History Changed – Tyrant of Mythology
19. Altered Tomorrow

Steamforged is:
Tyler Sherrill - All instrumentation

Brett Windnagle – Mixing/Mastering

John Yelland (Disforia, Judicator) – King of Atlantis
Mercedes Victoria – Freya, Empyrean Goddess
Patrick Hoyt Parris (Project: Roenwolfe, Lascaille’s Shroud, ex-Theocracy) – King Arthur
Norman Skinner (Dire Peril, ex-Imagika)– The Endless
Tony Cordisco (Judicator, Project: Roenwolfe) – Teacher (on Altered Tomorrow)


Bubonic Wrath – Release – A Precious Reaping from the Fields of Blood

Bubonic WrathRelease Info:
Name: A Precious Reaping from the Fields of Blood
Type: EP
Date: 07/28/14

1) Reign of Narcissus/Shamhat
2) Capricious Mass
3) Rabid Capitoline
4) A Curse from an Old World

Bubonic Wrath is:
Marcos Camacho
Chris Kelly

Guest musicians and Staff:
Tony Howard – Vocals and lyrics on Rabid Capitoline
Tyler Sherrill – Intro on Reign of Narcissus
John Yelland – Spoken German
Napalm Strike – Group Vocals

Chad Bill Anderson – Mixing/Mastering


Certified Bryan: If You Have Ghost


Acceptance in the metal community has become a common theme in my articles and the
topic du jour once again tests my patience for entitlement and false elitism. This week in the metal news, much attention was brought upon an online petition, seeking support from the metal community, demanding the band Ghost (known as Ghost BC in North America) to split up and stop releasing new music. Multiple metal news websites picked up on this and shared the petition and there is already an anti-petition (is that even a real thing?) decrying the goals of the original. In an effort to break this down and realize how ridiculous it is, let’s take a look at the original petition’s statement:

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Disforia – The Age of Ether Review


The key to success and respect for an up-and-coming metal band as I have seen it for some time now is to catch the listener off guard, have themselves caught up in the music by their own volition, and make them wonder how this band did it all. I experienced these thoughts and asked the question more than once when I first listened to the debut album The Age of Ether by metal outfit Disforia from Salt Lake City, Utah. I cannot overstate this band’s keen ability to come up with original themes throughout the album and how this makes them stand out against other local acts.

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