Steamforged Release New Single from Upcoming Album!


Steamforged’s fourth album, The Endless, is nearing completion, but mastermind Tyler Sherrill and Masters of Metal Productions would like to give you a taste of what is to come. “Atlantis” is just one small piece of the enormous concept which Steamforged has in store for the fans on The Endless. Check it out now at the band’s Bandcamp page!


Judicator Announce New Album Artwork, Tracklist, and Release Date


Judicator have released the cover of their upcoming album ‘At the Expense of Humanity’. The album cover reflects the conceptual nature of the album, which mostly deals with an autobiographical story about the death of a family member, as well as the existential dilemmas and personal conflicts that arise from it. The album is currently in production and set for a tentative release date of September 5th, 2014. The album will be available for physical purchase as well as free digital download via bandcamp. The band plans to launch a kickstarter to help fund the physical production sometime at the end of this spring.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. A Picture of Fading Light
2. God’s Failures
3. Cannibalistic Mind
4. Coping Mechanism
5. My Fantasy Destroyed
6. Lucid Nightmare
7. The Rain in the Meadow
8. Nemesis/Fratricide
9. Autophagia
10. Life Support
11. At the Expense of Humanity
12. How Long Can You Live Forever?
13. Enantiodromia
14. Heathen’s Song (Heathen Cover) — Physical Release Bonus Track

The band lineup will consist of:

John Yelland – Vocals
Tony Cordisco – Rhythm/Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Joshua Payne – Lead Guitar
Joseph Palomares – Bass Guitar
Chris Kelly – Drums

Tyler Sherrill – Keyboards

Lyrics by John Yelland
Music by Tony Cordisco and Tyler Sherrill

Artwork licensed from Boscorelli Art

Release – Lascaille’s Shroud – Interval 02 (Full Length)

Release Info:
Name: Interval 02: Parallel Infinities – The Abscinded Universe
Type: Full Length
Date: 1/28/2014

1) Integration: Into the Posthuman Continuum
2) Reborn: The Lamentations of a Dying Universe
3) Awakened: Not Even Remembered by the Dust of Stars
4) Obscured: The Great Aphotic Barriers
5) Agony: The Sad and Beautiful Face of Death
6) War: A Congregation of Non-Existence
7) Sorrow: The Conversation I Had With Death
8) Disenthralled: Into the Bulk
9) Transcience: A Moment for Our Eternity
10) The Guilt Reprisal

Brett Windnagle: All guitars, lyrics, drums, production, harsh vocals

Andy Walmsley: Additional harsh vocals on “Reborn”
Patrick Parris: Clean vocals on “Agony” and “War”
RaeAnna Parris: Clean vocals on “Agony”
Tony Cordisco: Additional harsh vocals on “Agony”
Bryan Edwards: Additional harsh vocals on “Agony” and “War”
John Yelland: Clean vocals on “Sorrow” and “Disenthralled”
Mercedes Victoria: Clean vocals on “Transcience”
Tyler Sherrill: All keyboard solos

Release – Kingdoms of Flesh – The Age of Darkness (EP)

The Age of DarknessRelease Info:
Name: The Age of Darkness
Type: EP
Date: 12/13/13

1) Our Fair Lady of the Plague
2) Four Kings
3) Gravelord
4) The Darksign

Kingdoms of Flesh is:
Brett Windnagle - Instruments, Producer, Lyrics
Bryan Edwards – Vocals, Lyrics


Release – Napalm Strike – Aiming Down the Sights (Full Length)

Release Info:
Name: Aiming Down the Sights
Type: Full Length
Date: 12/10/13

1) M16
2) Deities of Death
3) Fatality
4) Mind Control
5) Dead Beat Dad Beat Dead
6) Blind Submission
7) Law Biting Citizen
8) Mass Extermination
9) KIA
10) Thrashard (DRI Cover)

Napalm Strike is:
Marcos Camacho – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Nick Semon – Rhythm Guitar
Alan Villaescusa – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tito Diaz – Drums, Backing Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Tony Cordisco (Judicator, Project: Roenwolfe) – Guitar Solo and Harsh Vocals on “Deities of Death”
John Yelland (Judicator, Disforia )- Clean Vocals on “KIA”
Tyler Sherrill (Steamforged) – Keyboards on “Mind Control”
Michael Goodrich – Backing Vocals on “KIA”

Michael Goodrich – Mixing/Mastering
Tony Cordisco – Studio Engineer, Producer
Hans Rivas – Album Art

Interview – Matt Smith of Theocracy


(Notice from Vernon: as with the interview with Zak Stevens of Circle II Circle, this originally was supposed to take place on the spot of DeLand Rock and Metal Festival which Theocracy performed in at the time. However, vocalist Matt Smith was also able to graciously offer his time to answer questions via email.)


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Judicator Announce New Album and Lineup

Southwestern Power Metal act Judicator, hot on the heels of their sophomore album “Sleepy Plessow”, have announced their third album, and a full band lineup. Previously, the band was a recording project between vocalist John Yelland and Multi-instrumentalist Tony C. The band now welcome to the fold drummer Chris Kelly (Bubonic Wrath), bassist Joseph Palomares (Sedulity), and lead guitarist Joshua Payne (Epyon) to accompany them on their third album “At the Expense of Humanity”. Joshua Payne previously contributed a guitar solo for the band’s single “Heroes and Villains” and Joseph and Chris have played with Tony in previous bands. The band issued the following statement about their upcoming third full length release…

“AtEoH will be recorded in Summer of 2014, and released the following fall/winter, or early 2015. Our third album plans to drop the historical lyrics and opt for a different, more personal type of concept album. “At the Expense of Humanity” is an existential and philosophically driven concept album that takes an introspective look at loss of a loved one, the effects on family, and the often frightening moments that can shape and define a young person for the rest of their life. Musically, the album continues the melody and traditionally driven approach of ‘Sleepy Plessow’ but also injects some progressive and technical elements that wouldn’t sound out of place in Cynic and Death. We are excited to be working with Chris, Joseph and Joshua. We have worked with all these musicians previously and are honored to welcome their massive talent to Judicator.”

The band released the following tracklisting for “At the Expense of Humanity” :

1. A Picture of Fading Light
2. God’s Failures
3. Cannibalistic Mind
4. Coping Mechanism
5. My Fantasy Destroyed
6. Lucid Nightmare
7. The Rain in the Meadow
8. Nemesis/Fratricide
9. Autophagia
10. Life Support
11. At the Expense of Humanity
12. How Long Can You Live Forever?
13. Enantiodromia