10/30/12 – Judicator – King of Rome (Full Length)


Release Info:
Name: King of Rome
Type: Full Length
Date: 10/30/2012
Free Download: http://judicator666.bandcamp.com/album/king-of-rome

1) Rising Again
2) Into the Sea of Bayonets
3) Backs Against the Wall
4) King of Rome
5) Hougoumont
6) Tu N’es Pas Mort, Coquin?
7) The Iron Duke
8) Elan
9) Tommyknockers (Blind Guardian Cover, Digital Bonus Track)

John Yelland – Vocals/Lyrics
Tony C – Guitars/Bass/Drum Programming

Bryan Edwards – Death Vocals on “Into the Sea of Bayonets” and “Hougoumont”
Chad Anderson – Harsh Vocals
Justin Trombetti – Additional Harsh vocals

Cameron Allen – Mixing/Mastering
Austin Bentley – Album Art

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