Name: Judicator
Genre: Power Metal
Lyrical Themes: Historical Concepts
Formed: 2012
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah / Tucson, Arizona
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Judicator is a US Power Metal band formed by Tony C (Vermiform, Project: Roenwolfe) and John Yelland (Disforia) in 2012 not long after the two previously met at a Blind Guardian concert. The debut album “King of Rome” was released on October 30th, 2012, showcasing a plethora of old school speed and power metal riffs, and Blind Guardian infused vocal attacks. The album’s concept followed the final days of Napoleon Bonaparte’s last campaign, leading up to his eventual defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

After a number of affirming underground reviews and humbling fan reaction, John and Tony decided the band would be more than just a one album project set on paying homage to their favorite bands, and quickly began working on the follow up “Sleepy Plessow”. The album was released less than 7 months later in June of 2013. The sophomore effort showed a departure from the speed and riff obsessed nature of ‘King of Rome” and focused more heavily on atmosphere, melody, slower tempos, more complex vocal arrangements, tighter production, and bigger overall concept. The album also brought in numerous guest vocalist from friend’s and underground bands alike in order to portray the various characters and soundscapes needed for the album. The story of Frederick the Great of Prussia showed the band progressing into a more mature territory that showcased their own identity more, without sacrificing the riffs, aggression, and speed loving nature that had brought the band together.

Feeling that ‘Sleepy Plessow’ had demonstrated the improvement they wanted over the first album, John and Tony decided it was time to begin work on a third, and change the nature of the band to reflect a more a traditional setup and help progress the band’s material to a more professional level. The now full band, done with home recording and drum machines, is currently working on recording the followup to the sophomore album, titled “At the Expense of Humanity” — AtEoH will be released in early 2015. Judicator’s third album plans to drop the historical lyrics and opt for a different, more personal type of concept album. “At the Expense of Humanity” is an existential and philosophically driven concept album that takes an introspective look at loss of a loved one, the effects on family, and the often frightening moments that can shape and define a young person for the rest of their life as a result. Musically, the album continues the melody and traditionally driven approach of ‘Sleepy Plessow’ but also injects some progressive, atmospheric, and technical elements from genres outside of Power Metal.

With a full lineup and new album in hand, Judicator will be releasing the third album “AT THE EXPENSE OF HUMANITY” in early 2015. They will also be making their first live debut at the Deland Rock & Metal Festival on November 7th, playing next to the likes of A Sound of Thunder and Mindmaze.

John Yelland – Vocals
Tony Cordisco – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Joseph Palomares – Bass
Jordan Elcess – Drums
Tyler Sherrill – Keyboards

Power Metal USA w/ Tony C


Release Info:
Name: At the Expense of Humanity
Type: Full Length
Date: Early 2015 (Pushed Back from original release date)

1. A Picture of Fading Light
2. God’s Failures
3. Cannibalistic Mind
4. Coping Mechanism
5. My Fantasy Destroyed
6. Lucid Nightmare
7. The Rain in the Meadow
8. Nemesis/Fratricide
9. Autophagia
10. Life Support
11. At the Expense of Humanity
12. How Long Can You Live Forever?
13. Enantiodromia


John Yelland – Vocals, Lyrics
Tony Cordisco – Rhythm/Lead Guitars, Bass Guitar
Jordan Elcess – Drums
Tyler Sherrill – Keyboards

Guest Musicians:
Joshua Payne – Guitar Solo (Tracks 6, 10)
Paul Black – Harsh Vocals (Tracks 6, 8, 10)
Mercedes Victoria – Female Vocals (Track 10)
Carlos Alvarez – Guitar Solo (Track 3)
Jeff Teets – Guitar Solo (Track 12)
Dave Brown – Backing Vocals
Austin Bentley – Strings (Tracks 7, 8, 13)

Carlos Alvarez – Mixing
Brett Caldas-Lima – Mastering
Austin Bentley – Cover Art

Lyrics by John Yelland
Music by Tony Cordisco and Tyler Sherrill

Release Info:
Name: Coping Mechanism
Type: EP
Date: May 3, 2014

1. Coping Mechanism
2. Tu N’es Pas Mort, Coquin?
3. The Iron Duke


John Yelland – Vocals
Tony Cordisco – Rhythm, Lead, and Acoustic Guitars, Harsh Vocals on ‘Tu N’es Pas Mort, Coquin?’
Joshua Payne – Lead Guitar
Jordan Elcess – Bass Guitar
Chris Kelly – Drums
Tyler Sherrill – Keyboards

Brett Windnagle – Mixing/Mastering
Tony Cordisco – Guitar/Bass Engineering
Jordan Elcess – Drum Engineering
John Yelland – Vocal Engineering

Lyrics by John Yelland
Music by Tony Cordisco and Tyler Sherrill

Additional Notes:
“Tu N’es Pas Mort, Coquin?” is a complete re-recording of the song by the same name on the band’s first album ‘King of Rome’ — unlike the original track, this recording features live drumming, as opposed to a drum machine.

‘The Iron Duke’ is an acoustic rearrangement of the song by the same name on the band’s first album ‘King of Rome’

Release Info:
Name: Sleepy Plessow
Type: Full Length
Date: 6/4/2013

1) Sleepy Plessow
2) The Elector
3) Thirty Years of Terror
4) Memory of Shame
5) Release Me
6) Sapphire
7) Gedenkstätte
8) The Philosopher King
9) Blut vom Himmel
10) Sea of Fire
11) When Crowns are Shattered
12) Sans Souci

‘Sleepy Plessow’ tells the gradual tale of Prussia, leading up to and focusing on the life of Friedrich der Grosse (Frederick the Great).

John Yelland – Vocals
Tony C- Guitars, Bass, Additional Harsh Vocals on “The Elector” and “Thirty Years of Terror”

Guest Musicians:
Paul Black (Turned to Stone) – vocals on “Thirty Years of Terror” / “Memory of Shame” / “Release Me”
Austin Bentley (Disforia) – vocals on “Release Me” / “Sapphire”
Elizabeth Hall – vocals on “Release Me” / “Blut vom Himmel” / “Sea of Fire”
Alex Hinerman (Koala Combat) – vocals on “Blut vom Himmel”
Chad Anderson (Disforia) – vocals on “Blut vom Himmel”
Bryan Edwards (Vermiform, ex-Seven Kingdoms) – vocals on “Blut vom Himmel”
Patrick Parris (Project: Roenwolfe, ex-Theocracy) – vocals on “The Philosopher King” / “Gedenkstätte” / “Blut vom Himmel”
Marilene Bennett – vocals on “Release Me”
Tyler Sherrill – Keyboards on “Gedenkstätte”

Chad Anderson – Drum Programming
Michael Goodrich – Mixing/Mastering
Tony C – Booklet Design

All lyrics and vocal/spoken word arrangements by John Yelland
All music by Tony C except “Gedenkstätte” by Tyler Sherrill

Cover art “A Flute Concert of Frederick the Great at Sansouci 1852″ by Adolph Von Menzel is used/modified under Public Domain.

Release Info:
Name: Wenn Kronen Zerschmettert Sind
Type: Single
Date: 5/6/13

1) Wenn Kronen Zerschmettert Sind

John Yelland – Vocals
Tony C – Guitars/Bass

Michael Goodrich – Mixing/Mastering
Chad Anderson – Drum Programming

“Wenn Kronen Zerschmettert Sind” is the German lyric version of “When Crowns are Shattered” from ‘Sleepy Plessow’

Release Info:
Name: Heroes and Villains
Type: Single
Date: 12/11/2012
Free Download

1) Heroes and Villains

John Yelland – Vocals
Tony C – Guitars/Bass/Drum Programming/Harsh Vocals
Alex Casady – Piano/Keyboards
Joshua Payne (Epyon) – Second Guitar Solo

Cameron Allen – Mixing/Mastering

Release Info:
Name: King of Rome
Type: Full Length
Date: 10/30/2012
Free Download

1) Rising Again
2) Into the Sea of Bayonets
3) Backs Against the Wall
4) King of Rome
5) Hougoumont
6) Tu N’es Pas Mort, Coquin?
7) The Iron Duke
8) Elan
9) Tommyknockers (Blind Guardian Cover, Digital Bonus Track)

John Yelland – Vocals/Lyrics
Tony C – Guitars/Bass/Drum Programming

Bryan Edwards – Death Vocals on “Into the Sea of Bayonets” and “Hougoumont”
Chad Anderson – Harsh Vocals
Justin Trombetti – Additional Harsh vocals

Cameron Allen – Mixing/Mastering
Austin Bentley – Album Art

“Judicator has shown that they clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to power metal. Riff driven power metal like this has always been the best kind of power metal for me. There’s none of the so called cheesy stuff to be found here, just killer riffs, great vocals, and overall very good songs.”
-Heavy Metal Haven

“I believe this is a duo from whom the fan community can continue to expect greatness, given the foundation they’ve laid with King of Rome, an exquisite debut.”
-Power Metal USA, Emerald

“As the band currently offers King of Rome for free download (link above), there is no legitimate excuse for any power metal fan not to check it out, as it is easily equal or even superior to many releases in the genre currently released through notable labels. King of Rome comes highly recommended.”
-Power Metal USA, Alex

“The American Blind Guardian”
-MetalFinal (Translated from Spanish)

“Doubtless, you will recognize an undeniable quality in the line of classic bands like Jag Panzer, Helstar or Vicious Rumors.”
-Mundo Rock & Heavy Webzine of Chile (Translated from Spanish)

“Judicator is the project of two great minds that fortunately have nothing to do with the military invasion of a country… no doubt, we have a great album.”
-2112 Estacion De Rock (Translated from Spanish)

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